Coin Inventory Publishing for the Web

What is CoinLists?
It�s an extraordinary framework for building a completely customized rare coin web site without having to invest time, energy and money in extensive custom programming.

Vega Applications Development, Inc. has built a series of modules specifically for the coin industry. Your web site is assembled from these modules according to your specifications. You provide the content and Vega provides the coin-oriented modules for searching, listing, and selling coins on the Internet.

In addition to the inventory listing, all other online content is maintained by the client. With just a small amount of training, you can easily change your own online content as needed. Some clients have presentations that never change, while others have extensive editorial comment updated daily. You decide what works best for you.

CoinLists is built upon a proprietary software database known as MUSIC (Master Uniform System for Identifying Coins). This database includes all of the United States coinage recognized by NGC and PCGS - including attributions and pedigrees. The beauty of MUSIC is that it transcends the limitations and sort order problems imposed by conflicting numerical look up programs. This means that if you have an 1878 Morgan Dollar in MS, PL, DMPL and Proof, all of the coins will sort properly.

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For information on features and pricing, please contact
Bryan Kinkel
(610) 892-1812
Vega Applications Development
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More Information

 CoinLists Feature Sheet (PDF)
 Sample CoinLists site

For access to the administrative features of the Sample site, please contact Bryan Kinkel.

Who is Using CoinLists?
We encourage you to visit two of our charter subscribersites that capitalize on the CoinList technology. See for yourself how the CoinLists framework has been implemented in a unique manner by each company.

Delaware Valley Rare Coin Company
  • Delaware Valley Rare Coin Co., Inc. uses the CoinLists engine to list and describe the coins it has for sale on the Internet.
  • The online inventory is updated regularly through Delaware Valley's custom Inventory and Business Management System (IBMS).
    The latest version of IBMS was specifically designed to complement CoinLists websites.
David Hall Rare Coins
  • The staff at David Hall Rare Coins uses the CoinLists engine to showcase their gallery of rare coins for sale.
  • The online inventory is updated daily by a custom program that extracts inventory data from DHRC's existing inventory system and uploads it (with images)
    to their CoinLists site.
  • Online sales are processed using a PayPal module.
Numismatic Assets, Inc.
  • This site includes a daily Featured Coin and live Kitco spot prices on the home page.
  • The staff also regularly updates the articles and glossary using the integrated HTML editor.
  • Online sales are processed using a PayPal module.
Larry Shapiro Rare Coins
  • Larry Shapiro Rare Coins employs CoinLists to display all of theier coins that are currently for sale.
  • LSRC uses a built-in inventory management system to ensure the most up-to-date inventory.
  • Online sales are processed using a PayPal module.

Technology Behind CoinLists
CoinLists is a technology for rapidly deploying rare coin inventory to your web site. Your web site visitors can use Internet Explorer 6.0 (recommended) or any other HTML 4.0 compatible browser. Upload tools and other utilities require Windows 98, 2000 or XP. CoinLists based sites are hosted on Windows 2003 Server running ASP.NET. Data is stored in SQL Server 2003 based tables. Bandwidth and server colocation is provided by Host My



Web Site Look and Feel - The web site content is 100% customizable. Our developers can take your logo and build an interface that reflects your company's individuality. And this goes beyond simply colors and fonts. Each page is broken up into a series of sections and each section can be rearranged or customized as needed.

Content Manager - The online content manager lets you add and edit content as needed. Using the content manager, you can edit your home page, company and contact information, web site headers and footers, write articles and columns, etc. Editing is done online through a web interface. Some HTML knowledge is helpful, but you can also paste in content from other editors, such as Microsoft FrontPage.

Inventory Management - CoinList features a database driven inventory system. Coins that are in the database will be listed on the web site for potential buyers. Coins can be added to the system manually using the Administration interface.

If you already have an inventory system, CoinList can interface with your system by importing and automatically uploading your data and images.

The Coin Grid - The coin grid is where you display your inventory.

  • Displays year, mint mark, denomination, grade, description, price and a photo. Columns for additional data can be added if needed.
  • All columns can be sorted.
  • The coin list can be filtered by coin metal, denomination, mint state or proof status.
  • The coin list can also be filtered to show coins added in the past week, month or quarter.
  • Coin list is paged with �Next� and �Previous� buttons. But your visitors can choose the number of coins displayed per page. If desired, they can also view all coins on one page.
  • Users can select the level of description detail to display in the grid.
  • Totally customizable with your fonts and color scheme.

The Coin Detail Page

  • Highlights a specific coin with detailed information and pictures.
  • Displays a thumbnail image that can be toggled between the obverse and reverse.
  • Thumbnail features a coin �zoomer� tool. This allows the user to examine a coin with a virtual magnifying glass.
  • Displays two large photos of the coin.
  • Detail page lists the year, denomination, grade, mintage, price and description. For NGC coins, it lists the NGC population and population higher. PCGS population figures are available as long as you have written proof of permission from Collectors Universe.
  • �Add to Cart� button for sites using ecommerce.
  • Totally customizable with your fonts and color scheme.


  • CoinList features a complete shopping cart so users can quickly buy your coins.
  • Shopping cart uses your shipping methods and rates. Local taxes can also be added if needed.
  • Coins can be linked to eBay auction pages.
  • Instructional text, headers and footers can be changed using the content editor.
  • Payment processing is provided by PayPal.